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Bronze has been the material of choice for boat fittings for centuries. Its resistance to corrosion and strength makes it the ideal alloy for cleats, fairleads, chocks, rowlocks and many other items commonly found on ships.

Since around 1920 the use of bronze has declined due to the emergence of stainless steel. There remains, though, a large number of traditional vessels in Australian waters (and around the world) which either pre-date stainless steel, or whose builders want the particular properties that only bronze can offer. Many newly-built boats are fitted with bronze, or chrome-plated bronze, as there remains no other alloy that can provide the golden lustre or weathered patina of quality bronze boat hardware.

Classic Boat Supplies are stockists of a large range of quality bronze hardware, fittings and related products for professional boat-builders and home-builders. We source our products from reputable manufacturers in Australia and overseas countries such as New Zealand - none of our bronze fittings originate from Asia.

Most Classic Boat Supplies' bronze hardware is made with a variety of bronze known as Gunmetal (otherwise called Leaded Gunmetal or LG2 for short). Gunmetal contains approximately 85% copper, 5% zinc, 5% lead and 5% tin, giving it ideal properties for a salt-water environment and allowing the finished product to be machined and polished to a rich gold colour.

The remaining bronze hardware is made using either Manganese or Aluminium Bronze (or AB2 for short). These alloys contains around 81% copper, 10% aluminium or manganese, 5% nickel and 4% iron. These bronzes are ideal for products exposed to heavy loads and friction and those requiring additional strength. Certain of our bronze rowlocks are made from aluminium bronze, while some eye bolts and jib hanks are from manganese bronze.

For marine use it is important that the quantities of ingredients in each bronze are strictly controlled to derive the required properties and our suppliers adhere to strict guidelines to guarantee the highest quality product.

Classic Boat Supplies offers products in all three finishes - rumbled, polished and chrome-plated.

We invite you to browse through our range of bronze hardware in our on-line shop. Remember that, if you don't see what you need, other products can be obtained. We welcome all enquiries.

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