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Copper sheet & copper nails
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Classic Boat Supplies stocks copper boat nails & copper sheet used for sheathing wooden hulls, wharves & jettys to protect them from worms and marine growth.

Copper sheathing is a technique developed by the Royal Navy in the 18th century which allowed ships to remain active, at sea, for greater lengths of time. Non-sheathed boats required more regular dry-docking for hull-scraping.

Sheathing a boat hull in copper involves cladding the below-the-waterline hull with overlapped sheets of copper and fastening them with flat head copper nails, or tacks. Normally the copper nails are smooth-shanked to allow the copper to be easily replaced when the time comes - normally every 15-20 years or so.

It's unusual for a new boat to require copper sheathing since the materials available today, such as fibreglass and epoxy resin, are superior and cheaper than copper sheets. However for a truely-authentic new build, or the faithful restoration of antique boats, copper sheathing is still practised.

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