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Classic Boat Supplies is the exclusive Australian & New Zealand distributor for Langman Ropes - a Dutch manufacturer of a wide range of premium sailing ropes.

Langman Ropes produces double-braided and laid (twisted) ropes from top-quality yarns. Their extensive range includes ropes manufactured from a variety of man-made fibres such as polyester, polypropylene and Dyneema®. Langmans also produces natural-fibre ropes using chemical-free cotton, hemp and manila.

Langman ropes are used on many of the world's tall ships. In Australia, The Australian National Maritime Museum uses Langman's Hempex® rope on HMB Endeavour due to Hempex's ability to withstand the high UV levels experienced in this part of the world.

Our high-performance braided polyester and Dyneema® ropes are ideal for sailing boats requiring the superior properties of modern man-made fibres, but with a traditional look. Our range of twisted ropes are often used on traditional tall ships and in restaurants and other applications where an authentic nautical theme is needed.

We invite you to browse through our range of quality sailing ropes. Remember, if we don't have what you need, other products can be obtained and we welcome all enquiries.

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