Silicon Bronze Bolts & Machine Screws

silicon bronze screws & nails.
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Classic Boat Supplies sells high-quality silicon bronze carriage bolts (sometimes referred to as coach bolts), machine screws & hexagonal bolts. These come in a range of popular sizes and are sold complete with hexagonal nut and washer - both also in silicon bronze.

So why use silicon bronze fastenings on your boat, deck or other structure exposed to the weather?

Apart from the aesthetic benefits of a bronze, silicon bronze is preferred over stainless steel when embedding the fixture into a deck or some other 'air tight' location. Stainless steel requires constant exposure to air to maintain its coating of Chromium Oxide - the substance responsible for protecting the screw and preventing corrosion.

Silicon bronze is almost as hard as stainless and it doesn't need exposure to the atmosphere to maintain its resistance to corrosion. Bronze will age to have an appearance similar to exposed copper.

In comparison to brass, bronze is significantly harder and much more resistant to corrosion. Brass bolts are not recommended for external use and especially not around environments subject to weather or salt water.

We invite you to browse through our range of silicon bronze machine screws, silicon bronze carriage bolts & silicon bronze hexagonal bolts in our on-line shop. Remember that other products can be obtained and we welcome all enquiries.

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