Classic Boat Suppliers

Classic Boat Supplies works with a number of producers of fine traditional (and some modern) boat products from around the world, and we're always looking to expand our product offering by increasing our supplier network. Some of them are listed below.

Davey & Company London - Traditional Marine Equipment

Classic Boat Supplies is an Australian distributor of Davey & Co London Ltd, England Davey & Company has been trading continually since 1885 and is today a specialist in the manufacture and supply of traditional marine equipment. With a long tradition of UK manufacturing, they produce a wide range of genuine fittings in bronze, brass and galvanised iron. Often using patterns that date back to the early 1900's, and skills that go back a lot further, they keep a wide range of products alive for today's discerning yachtsman and shipwrights.

Davey & Co offers genuine cast bronze, brass and galvanised fittings that do today's job with a touch of history. Read more

Touwfabriek Langman - Quality Ropes

Classic Boat Supplies is the Australian & NZ distributor for Dutch cordage producer Langman Ropes Dutch company Touwfabriek Langman can trace its rope-making history back to 1638. Langman Ropes, as they are also known, is a world-class rope maker producing a wide variety of high-tech cordage suitable for modern super yachts and sailing vessels of all sizes through to the traditional rigging on graceful tall sailing ships.

But it is not only the marine industry. Langman's ropes furnish zoos and climbing centres globally, can be found as barrier ropes in theatres and are often spliced into horse leads. Their beautiful made-to-measure rope bow fenders grace many working vessels too. Read more

Foresti & Suardi - Marine Hardware & Lights

Classic Boat Supplies ia a distributor of Foresti & Suardi in Australia Foresti & Suardi is a manufacturer of distinction, producing a wide range of both traditionally-styled and modern marine hardware, lights and other accessories for boats. Their products look great on classic wooden boats and modern "plastic" vessels alike.

Foresti & Suardi's range is vast and includes marine lights, portholes, knobs, handles, hatches and many more items. Read more

WEST SYSTEM® - World-Famous Epxoy Resin

Classic Boat Supplies ia a distributor of WEST SYSTEM<sup>®</sup> epoxy products Developed specifically for boat building, boat repairs and the marine industry, and internationally marketed for over 40 years, WEST SYSTEM epoxy is a versatile, high-quality, system that is easily modified for a wide range of coating and adhesive applications.

WEST SYSTEM epoxy products make up a versatile marine epoxy system developed to meet a wide range of building and maintenance needs for fibreglass repairs, wooden boat building, steel, aluminium and composite structures. Read more

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